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  • Orchard best practices

    Always do part shape-related heavy work in shape factories inside drivers: this way if the shape is not displayed (i.e. not specified in or hidden from no work will be done.

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  • Module

    Orchard modules are types of extensions. They are designed to extend Orchard's functionality in any way you can imagine.

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  • Shape

    Shapes are dynamic view models that are used to construct the data model behind the layout of a page in Orchard. The resulting structure is a tree (the tree of shapes) where each shape corresponds to a piece of markup in the end: shapes containing other shapes produce wrappers around other pieces of markup while the leaves of this tree correspond to simple templates. Each shape contains every information to render their corresponding template: they're the view models for their templates.

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  • Tokens

    Tokens are pieces of codified text that are be dynamically substituted with other values. E.g. if you want to create a template for an e-mail that should be sent to users but you want to greet the users by their name you can use tokens to send a personalized text like this: "Dear {User.Name}!"

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  • Content part driver

    Drivers (more precisely: content part drivers) are pieces of code used in conjunction with content parts. They are responsible for building the editor and display as well as handling importing and exporting of a content part.

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