Code styling

C# styling

If there length of the parameter list for a method is too long to read conveniently in terms of line length (due to the 3-argument rule this should rarely happen for methods but constructors with dependency injection) break it into multiple lines parameter by parameter.

public class MyClass
    public MyClass(
        IDependency1 dependency1,
        IDependency2 dependency2,
        IDependency3 dependency3)
        // ...

Prefix private fields with an underscore (_).

Have a standard ordering of members depending on their visibility and whether they're instance- or class-level, etc.

Notice the order:

  • constant fields
  • readonly fields
  • other fields
  • properties
  • constructors
  • instance methods
  • static methods
  • inner classes

Within this order, fields and properties are sorted first by static vs. non-static, and inside each of these by private, protected, public.

Methods and inner classes are sorted public, protected, private.

public class MyClass
    // Constant fields come before everything else.
    public const string MyConst = "const";

    // Readonly fields should appear before non-readonly fields
    private readonly string _myReadonly = "readonly";

    // Static fields first
    private static string _myStaticField = "field";

    // Private fields
    private string _myField = "field";

    protected string _myProtected = "field";

    // Properties next
    public int MyProperty { get; set; }

    // Then the constructor(s)
    public MyClass()

    // Public methods
    public void MyMethod()

    // Protected methods
    protected void MyProtected()

    // Private methods
    private void MyPrivateMethod()

    // Static methods
    public static void MyPublicStaticMethod()

    private static void MyStaticMethod()

    // Inner classes
    public class MyInnerClass

If an expression is short, omit line breaks when applicable to keep the code compact (as long as readability is not hurt), e.g.:

public class MyClass
    private int _myField;
    public int MyProperty { get { return _myField; } }

CSS styling

Structure your stylesheet's content logically under titles. Use the following comment formats for different levels of titles:

/* First-level title

// Second-level title
// -------------------------

/* Third-level title */

Use line breaks to space out blocks of code.

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