Orchard training guidelines

The following guidelines serve as a base for Orchard trainings and you're welcome to hold your own Orchard training using these guidelines.

Training methodologies

For methodologies for various forms of Orchard training see training methodologies.

Prerequisites for the participants

Enumeration of technologies and paradigms used in Orchard: C#, MVC (ASP.NET MVC), C# LINQ, C# lambda expressions, dependency injection, inversion of control container, loose coupling, object-relational mapping (NHibernate), composition over inheritance, single responsibility principle, separation of concerns, .NET dynamic, Razor syntax.

  • Mandatory: basic usage of Visual Studio, basic knowledge of C#, basic knowledge of client-side web development (HTML, CSS, JS)
  • Strongly advised: basic understanding of ASP.NET MVC and LINQ
  • Advised: understanding inversion of control containers and dependency injection, usage of Razor

Technical requirements

The following tools are needed for an Orchard training:

  • Lab computers or participants' computers:
    • Software listed under "Software to install" in "Development environment advice".
    • Administrative account to install other components if necessary and to avoid permission issues when running Orchard
  • Trainer's PC having all of the above and connected to a projector for demonstrations
  • A whiteboard or something similar


The topics are each divided into individual modules. These modules can, but don't necessarily have dependency on each other.

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