Intermediate content management

  • Taxonomies
  • Widgets
    • Layers and layer rules, zones (theme anatomy)
    • When to use Pages (Layouts) and when widgets
    • Demo: creating a new layer and an HTML Widget
    • Exercise: creating NotTheHomepage layer and a HTML Widget in the AsideSecond zone in that layer
  • Navigation
    • Creating and editing a menu
    • Adding and editing custom links and content item links
    • Editing link hierarchy
    • Navigation Widget and breadcrumbs
    • Exercise: creating a menu with all kinds of items
  • Search and indexing
    • Enabling Search engine and an Indexing service; what is an indexing service (eg. Lucene)
    • Enabling a content type for indexing (content type editor)
    • Selecting content types to be indexed and rebuilding index
    • Adding a Search widget to the layout
  • Media management
    • Managing and editing media with Media Library and Image Editor
    • Media Processing and overview of Media Profiles

Time requirement: 2h 0m

Dependencies: Basic site management

Parent topic: Core concepts and basic usage

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