Developing custom content

  • Content part development
    • Parts and part records, versioning, LazyField
    • Content type migrations
    • Drivers: display and edit methods, export/import
    • Editor and display shapes
    • Handlers and filters
    • Placement
  • Content field development
  • Exercise
    • Module scaffolding
    • SpaceShip content type
    • Title part for name
    • AutoroutePart for url
    • SpaceShipPart content part
      • Captain
      • Class
      • Number of crew
    • MediaPickerField (needs the Fields feature) for an image: for this also a shape template override (hint: Shape Tracing) with a stylesheet include (e.g. the image should be displayed with rounded corners)

Time requirement: 3h 0m

Dependencies: Basic techniques in module development

Parent topic: Module development and APIs

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