Getting started in module development

  • Orchard structural overview:
    • Contents of the Orchard folder (libraries, source, App_Data, module/theme folders...)
    • Solution overview
  • Module structure:
    • Module.txt: features and dependencies
    • Scripts, Styles, Views folder
    • Other folders
  • Command line scaffolding
  • Integrating with the current theme
  • Dependency injection and basic services
    • Notifier
    • Localizer
    • Logger
    • Work Context
    • Creating a dependency: difference between IDependency, ITransientDependency and ISingletonDependency
    • Ways of injection:
      • Single dependency
      • IEnumerable<TDependency>
      • Lazy injection: Work<T> and Lazy<T>

Time requirement: 1h 30m

Dependencies: none

Parent topic: Module development and APIs

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