The various types of Orchard learning resources available here want to help you further enhance your Orchard skills.

Recently updated in the Orchard Dojo Library

  • Visual Studio code snippets

    To effectively use this collection of VS snippets just point the Snippets Manager to where you cloned or downloaded this folder. To do this go under Tools/Code Snippets Manager/select the C# language/Add and Add the whole folder.

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  • Orchard examples

    This list helps to find where to look if you need an example of something in Orchard, so you can look at it when you need to roll out your own similar solution. This is a selection only, not a full list (e.g. many modules contain content parts).

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  • Work Context

    WorkContext is one of the most important types in Orchard. It's more or less a generalization of the idea of an HttpContext. It contains a lot of (mostly Orchard-specific) contextual information like the basic site settings, the current theme or user and the HttpContext itself.

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