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  • Orchard Spring Harvest Challenge has begun!

    Orchard Harvest, Harvest Challenge, DotNest

    In case you haven't heard from the Lombiq content network and its neighbours, a module competition named Orchard Spring Harvest Challenge has begun yesterday! The aim of this contest is to give Orchard module developers some more motivation to upgrade their old modules to Orchard 1.8, or create new ones that are compatible with latest version of Orchard. You can find more information on the event's (DotNest-hosted) website.

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  • Projector in-depth at Harvest

    Admin UI, Video, Projector, Orchard Harvest

    As you surely know, Projector is the built-in Orchard module that you can use to query content items in many customizable ways. Getting a grasp of Projector is not easy at first however. In the following video, recorded at the first Orchard Harvest conference in 2012 Bertrand Le Roy explains not only how to use Projector but also sheds some light on the programmatic techniques behind it.

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