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  • How-to: running Orchard locally through IIS using SQL Server

    Tutorial, SQL Server, Video, IIS

    This tutorial shows you how to run Orchard on your development machine (that doesn't run Windows Server) not with Visual Studio's built-in Cassini webserver, but using a proper IIS webserver. As the database we'll use a standard SQL Server database, that's advised for non-trivial production installations, unlike SQL CE.

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  • Projector in-depth at Harvest

    Admin UI, Video, Projector, Orchard Harvest

    As you surely know, Projector is the built-in Orchard module that you can use to query content items in many customizable ways. Getting a grasp of Projector is not easy at first however. In the following video, recorded at the first Orchard Harvest conference in 2012 Bertrand Le Roy explains not only how to use Projector but also sheds some light on the programmatic techniques behind it.

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  • Migrating an Orchard site from SqlCe to Sql Express

    Community resource, SQL Server, SQL CE, Database, Video

    A very useful video by Bertrand Le Roy. Migrating an SQL CE database, the simple-to-use self-contained database format used by Orchard, to a standard SQL Server database is a necessary step when your site grows. SQL CE is great for development and for small sites, but the full SQL Server DBs are much better performing.

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