Orchard Dojo Library contribution guidelines

The Orchard Dojo Library is fully open source and can be edited by anyone. If you find an error or would like to improve it, you're more than welcome; just submit a pull request!

The Library is stored as Markdown-formatted text files in a repository on GitHub. The files can be edited with any text editor, but we recommend Notepad++, or VS Code which offers a live preview for Markdown files.

  • Name files and folders with PascalCasing.
  • Files named Index.md are automatically opened when requesting their folder.
  • You can use relative links to link between files; paths are the same online as they are in the repository. Keep in mind that links to folders (when the Index file is opened automatically) must end with a slash (/) while links to files shouldn't.
  • Add a line break after the title header (line starting with #); keep a line break after any sub-headings (line starting with two or more #).
  • When adding inline code snippets, use the `backtick-delimited syntax`.
  • When adding paths or filenames, emphasize (italicize) them like this: _C:\path\to\file.txt_C:\path\to\file.txt.
  • Don't include HTML elements in the Markdown files.
    • Encode HTML entities, e.g. use &lt; and &gt; for the < and > characters.
    • If you mention an XML or HTML element wrap it with backticks, e.g. <img>, so it's not misinterpreted as markup on the page.

This page is part of the Orchard Dojo Library!

This page and many others here are part of the open-source, portable package of Orchard Core goodies: the Orchard Dojo Library for Orchard Core. The Library is freely accessible by anyone; just go to its repository to download its full content (you can even download the textual content of the Library as a big concatenated document in HTML), file issues or fork it! You can even edit it online on Bitbucket, just click on the Edit link in the upper right corner!

Note that the Library also has an Orchard 1.x version, check it out here!